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Youth with a Global Vision
18 – 27 NOVEMBER, 2016

Testimonies by participants

"I learned to change my perspective in order to make some people understand how what they consider facts are sometimes just their personal assumptions; "
Impressions from our participants

"Youth With A Global Vision” organized between 18-27th November in Buckinghamshire a training course as part of “Differences challenge assumptions” project.

"Differences challenge assumptions” project wanted to answer to the lack of advanced intercultural working competencies and sensitivity in youth work field and especially of the ones active and working in international or multicultural settings. The project was designed to be highly challenging in terms of provoking the participants outside of their comfort zone and stimulating them to rethink and maybe shift their own view on the world and their position in the highly complex intercultural world we live in.

The main beneficiaries were 30 youth workers (residents from Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Spain, Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Malta, Lithuania and UK) that are deeply passionate about inter-cultural processes and through their involvement in this project they increased their level of intercultural competencies which will be reflected in a more sensitive and qualitative youth work.

Some of the results of the project includes:

- a video realised based on a practical task delivered during the projects : https://youtu.be/SdbHOHwnDlI
- a blog article from one of the participants : https://www.themagicoftraveling.com/differences-challenge-assumptions/

The training course was strongly based on experiential learning (learning by doing) and non-formal education, with adequate time allocated for debriefing and reflection throughout the whole program as the process was highly personal and aimed for attitudinal changes.
This project was funded by European Commission, through Erasmus+ Programme (Key Action 1, youth workers mobility)!

For additional information or details regarding the project, results and follow-up activities you can contact the project coordinator:
Andreea-Loredana Tudorache at andreea_loredana_psi@yahoo.com

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